The Homo
By LOLShock

What is The Homo?

The Homo is an internet shock site and work of digital art depicting a middle aged man engaged in a sexual pose. The picture originated from the internet in 2003 and was taken in the home of a middle aged man known simply as The Homo. The image contains a number of interesting features - the man is wearing women's lingerie and some women's headwear he bought from EBay. The sexual nature of this artwork is clear - the model inserts a sexual device in his anus and also a dildo into his mouth. His penis is covered with what appears to be an empty water bottle. This artistic image is similar to other works such as Tub Girl, 1 Guy 1 Jar and BME Pain Olympics. The Artistic meaning behind the image is aimed at forcing the viewer to consider a number of themes, such as materialism and racism. Feel free to share this site with your friends and do not try this at home. For MORE shocking art sites CLICK HERE.

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Oh hai Mr. Homo, I didn't see you hiding there.

Thanks for visiting! (The homo guy with bottle on his penis)